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We are pleased you are interested in pursuing your studies at WKU! 我们有住处 适合所有类型的学生! We look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you to 山上! 





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If you are a high school graduate who will be attending college for the first time, 你被认为是 第一次新生 or 本科生. 本科 学生 are those seeking to earn 学士学位. 学生 who participated in Dual Credit programs or earned college credit while still in high school, are still 认为是一个 大一新生. 

访问 the WKU 招生 website to learn more

If you have attended another institution after high school graduation, then you are 认为是一个 转学生. WKU will work with you to determine if your previously earned credits will transfer 在西堪萨斯大学攻读学位.  If you hold an associate’s degree from an accredited institution and are interested in completing a bachelor's degree, you are also considered a 转学生, as you will be transferring credits in that will apply toward 学士学位:获得学士学位. 请注意:您必须将所有成绩单发送给WKU from all schools previously attended regardless of if you wish to receive credit.

访问 the WKU Transfer Center website to learn more

If you are currently a high school student who will be taking WKU courses before graduating 高中时,你被认为是一个 双学分/高中学生. If you are taking courses facilitated through the WKU Dual Credit Program to receive not only college credit, but also credit towards a high school diploma you are considered a 双学分学生. If you are taking courses at WKU while in High School as a non-degree seeking student 仅就大学学分而言,你被认为是一个 高中生

如果你不是美国公民.S. citizen that holds a nonimmigrant visa (official document that allows the bearer to legally enter a country) or need an F-1 student visa to study 在西堪萨斯大学,你被认为是一个 国际学生.

访问 the WKU 国际学生 Enrollment Management website to learn more

如果你是 现役人员 或者一个 经验丰富的 of a branch of the United States Military, 你被认为是 军事的学生.  WKU has been recognized as a "Military Friendly School," and "Best for Vets," for 连续几年.   

访问 the WKU Military Student Services website to learn more


If you are above the age of 24 and are looking to complete an undergraduate degree, 你被认为是 成年学习者. Adult learners are 学生 who are not participating in higher education immediately after high school, and do not fall into the typical 本科生 age range 18-24岁. WKU has many flexible degree programs and accommodations to assist adults with jobs or family obligations to complete their degrees.

访问 the WKU 成年学习者 Services website to learn more.

If you are completing a degree either online or via our WKU On Demand program, you 被认为是 在线/远程学习者. Online and On Demand degree requirements are completed from home 或者一个re accessible from anywhere in the world where you might have access to the internet. WKU提供 many online-only programs, and many of our campus-based programs have online components or "blended" classes, which have both online and face-to-face components.


If you have completed coursework at WKU after high school graduation in a degree seeking status and are now seeking to re-enroll, 你被认为是 重新接纳学生.

If you are a student at another institution and are completing coursework at WKU as a non-degree seeking student, and plan to return to your home institution afterward, 你被认为是 来访的学生.





建议 | 职业发展 | 研究生助教奖学金 



WKU 学生资助处 很高兴欢迎你来到西堪萨斯大学! 的 resources found within this website will assist you with questions you may have about the 金融援助 process, scholarships and aid available at WKU, and provide you with helpful checklists and timelines you will 你在西堪萨斯大学学习期间所需要的.



学生就业计划 at 澳门网络真人赌博玩法 provides employment opportunities for 学生 who are in need of part-time employment as they pursue a course of study at the University. 的 program is also designed to assist University departments in meeting their objectives through the use of qualified student employees.




 马胡林荣誉学院 at WKU is a leader in honors education f或者一个cademically talented, creative, and high-achieving 学生. 的y foster excellence in all forms of expression through research and experiential learning, critical thinking, active citizenship, and international engagement. 

在马胡林荣誉学院内 学者发展办公室 helps 学生 apply for nationally competitive scholarships by assisting 学生 in finding opportunities to be engaged in their chosen fields beyond the classroom and aiding them in the process of finding the right programs, making important contacts, developing strong proposals, and revising numerous drafts.








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