Buildings located at the top of the hill at Western Kentucky University from a drone perspective


Exceptional academic programs, applied learning opportunities, and world-renowned faculty are only part of what makes the WKU experience unparalleled. Your hopes, dreams and ideas are important to us. We strive to provide you with an environment where creativity is nurtured and intellect grows. WKU is a student centered, applied research university. That means we are dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals and graduate with skills for success. You will not only graduate with a diploma, you will enter the real world with experience that makes you stand out above the rest.

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艾弗里井, WKU Junior from Louisville, KY

“Having the opportunity to be a part of several different communities at WKU has strengthened my personal and professional development. In the process of working with several communities, I’ve learned how to put myself in other people’s shoes and understand the experience and perspective of others. The ability to see and understand the perspective of others is one of the strongest skills I’ve gained as a college student.”

艾弗里井, WKU Junior from Louisville, KY


Located in the heart of Kentucky's third-largest city, our hilltop campus is a place of beauty and friendliness. Whether you're looking to explore the natural world, walk to a restaurant downtown, 或者去看体育比赛, Bowling Green has a variety of attractions for WKU students and their families to enjoy. 另外, Bowling Green is located approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville, making it easy to travel to other regional destinations.

In addition to the campus in Bowling Green, WKU’s 地区校园 in 伊莉莎白/英国《澳门网络真人赌博玩法》. 诺克斯, 格拉斯哥, 欧文斯伯勒, and Somerset bring our academic programs, continuing education and professional development programs to you.

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卡西坎贝尔, WKU Senior from Marissa, IL

“The opportunities at WKU are endless! I chased storms in a meteorology field course last summer, and I’ve had the chance to provide on-site forecasting for the Special Olympics in Orlando and the Chicago Marathon. These hands-on opportunities contributed to my forecasting skills and will help me to stand out when applying for jobs in meteorology.”

卡西坎贝尔, WKU Senior from Marissa, IL






Freshmen Receiving Scholarship Aid

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Most of WKU’s merit scholarships are based on high school GPA instead of standardized test scores. Explore the many scholarship opportunities available to you at WKU.

杰达斯科特, WKU Sophomore from Nicholasville, KY

“WKU’s scholarship program offers merit scholarships based on GPA, so I was able to receive scholarship offers just by applying to the university. I also loved the TOPDollar scholarship application which allowed me to search and apply for additional WKU scholarships. The TOPDollar scholarship portal is how I found the Rosella Isbell Scholarship! For me, this was the scholarship that helped me decide to attend WKU.”

杰达斯科特, WKU Sophomore from Nicholasville, KY